Just moved into a new property but the guy was thousands in debt so utilitia installed a paygo meter

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Now I’m not keen on that company.

I want to transfer back to my old company.

But utilitia say they can’t revert me back to a credit meter for 3 months.

Can they do this?

Thanks in advance.

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They can apparently do what they like and then they’ll charge you to change the metres, I inherited payg meters and have been told I have to pay £250 per meter to get them changed so a total of £500 :arrow: I currently am refusing to pay this…

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OK so you would have been asked for your tenancy agreement and I'd as proof, and then the debt would have been taken off your account and added to the previous tenants account. Utilita are a pay as you go energy supplier, but customers can discuss changing to dd or billing once they have been with us for 3 months, have no debt and not used their emergency credit or app power ups. It's standard practice.

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My daughter was told this by utilita and made to stay on pay as you go. 8 of 9 weeks in she made a formal complaint and suddenly she could leave!

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They have to change meters to suit your needs if there refusing going to the ombudsman it works your issues will be sorted ASAP that way... pervious debt was not your concern wasn't you paying his bills so do not let them fill you with that rubbish!

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My son having same problem. Took over property in November. Has to do PAYG for 3 months before can do add

However gas meter not registering and apparently hasnt worked since 2020.

Worried sick he is going to get a big bill dating back to November last year.

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If the previous people were 8n debt be careful that they don't overcharge you to clear the debt

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I had a pay as you go meter in house that I bought. That was with utilita. I phoned British Gas to get them to supply my gas and electricity. Told them I had a pre paid meter that I didn't want. They changed it to regular meter. I now pay monthly by DD.

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Even on PAYG meters you can change supplier, but they are correct they can refuse to change to Account billing for 3 months.

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I had this years ago needed a economy 7 meter current supplier said yes but we charge you! So rang a different company said If I transfered to you would you charge to put a economy 7 meter in said no so changed.. you can choose company I say if no go change supplier.
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