Does anyone know of grants/loans available?

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Does anyone know of grants/loans available?

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Hey. I've been offered a council place and currently work and get UC.

Does anyone know of grants/loans available?

Unfortunately my credit is absolutely awful so I can't just pop in the bank or get a credit card.

Many thanks.

Plymouth area

Re: Does anyone know of grants/loans available?

Post by Vickie »

You can move in without carpet many people do. It's a shame that the council often pull up the previous occupants perfectly good flooring before a new tenant moves in.

Get flooring for say your main living room or bedroom and go from there. Vinyl flooring is hard wearing and looks great. Ask your council about discretionary funds.

Try contacting charities like Shelter to see if they know of help with housing costs. The good thing is you have a council place, so many are on the wait lists or in private rents that take all their wages. Do the place gradually it doesn't all need to be done at once. Get a cheap microwave and air fryer to cook with for now, Asdas own are very good prices. Look on selling sites for furniture bargains. Facebook marketplace, gumtree.

You could even put a plea on local Facebook groups to see if anyone is donating anything, my local Facebook just had one saying a lady was moving into a flat and had nothing, lots was offered. If you really need something catalogues like Very offer buy now pay later of up to a year, very useful for things like a washing machine.

But split the costs over the year and pay monthly don't leave it till the end. That was a £250 washer would cost £5 a week. Xx

Re: Does anyone know of grants/loans available?

Post by Tracy »

It’s worthwhile putting your area and county into Google. Things will often come up. There are likely things around, it’s just being able to find them. There’s often grants for things like white goods, etc. definitely put a message in your journal and ask, and if you have any local organisations that support people with finding housing or tenancy needs (you may need to Google these), they are also likely to know, and may even be able to help you with them.

Re: Does anyone know of grants/loans available?

Post by Kathy »

Credit Union (most towns have them) not for profit loans. Citizens Advice Bureau for other info. Best wishes.

Re: Does anyone know of grants/loans available?

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If it's for furniture n home bits, see if there are any local groups on FB where people give things away for free. We have one called C.R.A.P (stands for community recycling, can't remember last 2 letters)

I got curtains n bedding ,wardrobe ,pots n pans, clothes all sorts for free from mine. There's also a website called Freecycle in all areas.

I got carpet from a local company that did a payment plan.

Goodluck in your new home
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