I'm thinking of renting a car in France. Do I need an International driver's license?

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I have something on my mind... I'm thinking of renting a car in France. Do I need an International driver's license?

Post by Stephanie »

I rented a car a few years ago with my regular drivers license and passport

Post by Tung »

I rented a car in Europe, nobody checked for it. Wasted whatever amount of money i paid to AAA for the International Driver Permit and the hassle too

Post by Dena »

The AAA international license is only a document that explaines to non-English speakers what the different portions of your license means. It could be helpful, but is not necessary.

Post by Jill »

It’s $25 at AAA Get one just in case because of you get pulled over they can fine you for not having it.

Post by Olga »

No, you do not need an IDP to rent a car in France.

Post by Vinod »

I rented in France with an American license a few years ago.

Post by Dan »

If you have a US license that is at least one year old, and you will definitely not be driving outside of France itself, an International Driving Permit is not necessary.

Post by Melissa »

Every time someone asks this people answer yes and no.

Technically, yes you should have it.

Realistically, I like many other have rented cars all over Europe as have my parents for decades without issue 🤷🏻‍♀️ (Including France)

So I think it just depends on how much do you care haha

Post by Howard »

No, but you better buy the damage insurance waiver. I took a chance. A semi did a hit and run on us. Hertz France socked it to us for $ 2,000. At least we weren’t hurt. Your US auto insurance doesn’t usually cover other countries except maybe Canada

Post by Flore »

Be mindful that the driving rules over there might differ from where you are. For example if you’re from 🇺🇸, know there is no turning right in red lights. Also when you go left at an intersection and the car in front of you is going to their left, you 2 have to pass and cross each other (as opposed as the 🇺🇸 is side to side). Just a couple of things to be mindful of.

Post by Louisa »

It is cheap and worth having. About $20 if you are a member of AAA. I am over the age limit to rent a car in FR (no issues with manual shift cars though I drive one in Houston) but get one anyway in case some need presents itself and carry it instead of your passport when out and about.

Post by Scott »

No, you do not, just watch out for pedestrians crossing the road

Post by Steve »

Rented with US driver's license. International can be obtained at AAA
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