Spot Solar Light.. Anyone have this from home bargain?

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Brilliant light but only worked the first night and don't know why worked for like 2 seconds yest an had loads of sun yesterday.

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You need to keep it switched off for at least 24 hours in sunlight to charge it before switching it on (all solar lights I own have said the same on packaging).

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Just like mobile phone batteries, you have to charge fully before use. If not fully charged in the first instance, every time you charge them up they only charge to that point and say 100%. So, if you don't fully charge, itll never charge to full capacity.

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I always put outside for few days b4 turnin on, as I find they last longer.

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We ways take the batteries out and recharge them inside when we first use something like this...once fully charged they seem to charge themselves more easily in the daylight.

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Is it turned on some lights need to be switched offand allowed to charge a day or so before turning on. It may be faulty.
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