Martin Lewis Money Show ITV 8.00p.m. (or + 1 hour)

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Wonder if it's worth a mention, I would imagine a lot of people feel like this, everyone's trying their best to spend money as wisely as they can & trying to hold on to his every word isn't easy. Might contact him either on here or Twitter.

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He makes me anxious with the speed he talks :lol:

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Can't keep up with him. Miss half of it even with subtitles.

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He's very good, but he speaks way too fast, show needs to be longer or less content, it's all so rushed.

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I have not watched tonight's prog but recorded .Don't think he can save us from use of more costs for energy. So many have cut back they can't do anymore. It makes me so sad to hear of families living in heat poverty & what a disgrace. I am a pensioner & yes I have cut back & layered up to keep warm but I refuse to live in a home with no heating so will have to make up for excess costs over the Summer /Autumn months.
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