Need to get new 4 tyres

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Mid range (Toyo)is £410 and premium (Continental) are £504.

I'm leaning towards paying the difference for the premium as over 12 months would work out at under £8pm.


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Cheaper tyres tend to be a harder compound so you'll get more miles out of them. A decent budget tyre will do the same as a premium brand at a much lower cost. They all have to meet the same criteria for build quality.

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Had great value from Toyos, mines a tuition vehicle.

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Go by the ratings over the branding. Both are good tyre brands at the end of the day. Just avoid any Chinese budgets.

Where are you getting the option to pay over 12 months? I normally buy them with Klarna over three months, so interested to know.

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Have a look at black circles, you can the tyres andout garages will charge a small fee to fit. Can work out a lot cheaper.

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Tyres may one day save your life, so providing your comparing apples with apples then spend a little more.

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I have had continentals for years but was having to change them more regularly than I liked due to cost. Switched to slightly cheaper tyres and they are lasting a lot longer. If you have a high-performance car that you drive fast on corners then continentals are great, but the rubber is soft which gives more grip but not lasting power. If you just drive an average car and commute etc no point paying the extra.

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Have you tried NEDS TREADS, I find them very good for price , can't remember the exact address but they are based in BASILDON.
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