When shopping, it's worth taking a moment to check

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I saw in Tesco "drum" of Tesco Gold Coffee 400g £7.50 (I didn't need it, only 1/2 way down Douwe Egbert 400g) Then I noticed Tesco Gold 200 was £1.38 per 100 g, compared to the "drum" £1.58 per 100g. Seems trivial, I know, but all adds up.

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when we are shopping. My partner is like supermarket sweep and I'm comparing the price of everything per g or kg.

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I can remember them being £5 and almost cried when I saw they've gone up £7.50.

It's getting absolutely ridiculously!

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And that's why you should shop based on price per kg/litre etc not the shelf price or assume that buying in bulk is better.

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I got 300g nescafe in Asda £7 , and same was £5.60 in Poundland.

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But lets be fair Tesco own drum tastes like my nan strained it through her knickers.

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A tip when its like one of the lower shelves and its like too small writing on the label... I take a pic of the label and then can increase size to view the writing... I rarely take hubby shopping now...he thinks I m a crazy women and that suits me fine.

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It really does all add up. It’s learning which shops do the better deals. I’ve been buying the boxes of 32 walkers crisps at Iceland for £6.50 (they had seemed the better deal). Farmfoods are now selling them for £5.99. A 1-minute walk across the retail park saves me another 51p. Farmfoods are good for pasta too. I also get all my dishwasher rinse aid, dishwasher cleaner and salt from LIDL - really good too.

It’s trying to remember which shop has the better deals. I mainly shop at Aldi though.
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