When is a good time to get a new car?

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I have a good Ford fiesta which is 9 years old, I am in 2 minds whether to sell it whilst I can get something for it to put towards a new car or do I just keep my fiesta and run it into the ground? the plus side to keeping my fiesta is I know my outgoings, insurance is £250 a year and free road tax.

Thanks in advance for advice.

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Keep it until it begins to cost you more to repair than it is actually worth. (Maybe put a little aside to buy another car when this one is no longer viable).

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My Ford fiesta is 20 years old and still going strong.

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Keep it. As long as it gets you to where u need to be, that's all you need.

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Keep it until it’s uneconomical to repair. Car prices are on their way down (from being very overinflated) so anything more expensive you buy now will lose you even more money.

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I have an 11-year-old fiesta with 55k on the clock and I intend to run it into the ground.
I used to always have fancy cars, but this has by far been the most reliable and so I’m sticking with it.

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Second hand car prices are at an all time high right now so you would probably get a reasonable price for it dependant on the condition but it depends if you have more money to put into a new vehicle.

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Bought my Peugeot from new and is 22 years old and is still running well, It’s still way under 79 thousand miles on the clock and I recently bought a new battery. From last years mot until February this year I’ve done 700 miles. As long as she gets me from A to B I’m keeping her she’s not worth anything but to me she means everything…

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I only buy cars which at around 10years old then generally run them till they start costing more them couple hundred to repair/ put through MOT.

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Do you need or want a new car? Does the old car have issues? Do you have the outlay for a new car? Can you afford finance? Can you afford to fix any issues on a new car after paying for a new car if not covered on warranty?

Better the devil you know unless you NEED to buy a bigger car, more economical car, electric area, ULEZ area x

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Depends on your mileage. Since COVID started I've done under 4,000 miles a year. It's a reliable 2008 VW Polo so keeping it for now even though I intended to get something a bit more exciting a couple of years ago. Just not worth it for the miles I do.
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