What job can I get where I can work from home?

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Looking for advice please!

So I’ve not long had a baby and needing to get back into work really soon as can’t afford to just be on SMP. Don’t suppose anyone knows of any jobs where you can potentially work from home with your little one or anything like that.

Anyone been in a similar situation and can help a mumma out, thanks.

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Have you tried applying for UC or checking your eligibility for it? It’s not massively ideal but it should give you enough to be able to get to stay home with your baby for longer.

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I chose childminding, it’s worked really well and I got to be at home for my children. It is hard work but if you like working alone and in your own home and good with children then look into it.

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Do you have any skills you could utilise. Unless self employed you'd still need to ensure you had childcare in place. You can't WFH and look after a child without one of those suffering (in fact lots of work places stipulate that you need to have arrangements in place now).

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There are quite a few remote roles out there, especially in sales and admin, although hybrid is more common, but most companies won't allow you to WFH whilst taking care of a baby.

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Please steer clear of MLMs or ‘work from your mobile in your own time’ schemes. I believe the civil service have lots of working from home positions. Good luck and congrats on your new arrival.

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Childminding. Be your own boss, choose our own hours etc. I won’t lie, it’s very hard work (despite people thinking we are babysitters!) but it can be rewarding and you have no childcare or travels fees.
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