When having school/nursery class parties..

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.. would you prefer a '£5 gift' or £5 in a card? (Spend more on close friends!)

2 little ones and lots of parties to come over the years!

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Money in a card. My daughter had a birthday party with the whole class and everyone braught a gift...we have a wardrobe full of gifts shes still not got round to playing with from her party in November. She got that much that we only baught her clothes for her birthday and then it was Christmas straight after.

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I would say as a parent the money but as a child the gift. U can pick up loads of amazing wee things even cheaper than £5 from b and m and homebargains. It’s all about the opening of the present and suspense. Xx

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My little girl loves getting cash, she normally ends up buying something from Claire’s etc for the same value. I always let her choose if she wants to spend or save. She sometimes saves for something bigger but she also loves to spend ‘pocket money’

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If it's gonna be random 'tatty' gift that isn't relevant to the child as such i would say cash so they can get something they like, however kids are grateful for anything and love opening presents, so depends what the parent has said if you've asked for suggestions. We would be happy with just a card and friend attending.
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