Dubai during Ramadan

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Hiya I’ve posted before about going to Dubai next year someone mentioned to me about doing during Ramadan and they said everyone is shut and only certain things open ect has anyone been during Ramadan? Is this the case?

Thank you..

Post by Rachel »

We went few years back- it was an amazing experience, we went to the mall and there were screens up around the food courts, just respect the dress code etc and you’ll be fine, at hotels the food is served as normal.

Everything open as Normal, one of the best places we have ever visited.

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Travelled to Morocco (Marrakesh) during Ramadan and definately the case there, so would think it would be the same in a lot of places, celebrating that religion.
Jo Miloszewska

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We were there during Ramadan this year, and everything was pretty much open as usual. There were no screens up in restaurants. We were mindful not to drink or eat in public open places though, other than on the desert safari we did.

Our driver was lovely and gave us bottles of water in the middle of the desert, even though he was unable to drink himself.

We looked at doing some brunches and often the entertainment was cancelled due to Ramadan but other than that water parks, attractions, malls etc all open as normal.

We were worried about clothing and needing to be more covered but that wasn't an issue either.

Post by Fay »

I was in Abu Dhabi for Ramadan this year. Everything was open as normal. Just be mindful when in a mall or anywhere that isn’t the hotel or that doesn’t usually sell food or drink that to eat or drink in public is frowned upon.

No curtains up in any of the restaurants or eateries in malls. You wouldn’t even know it was happening to be honest.

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We were just there in Ramadan, you wouldn't even know it was Ramadan, everything is open as normal.

Post by Steph »

I live in Abu Dhabi and have to say Ramadan now is a million times more different to how it was 15 years ago when we first moved here. Now most of the restaurants/cafes are open in the day, some may open later in the day as they stay open later into the early hours of the morning.

No curtains up anymore either.

You can’t walk around eating or drinking (kids is ok) but in honesty if thats the worst then its not too bad. Also hotels will still serve food and drinks around their pools, beaches too you can eat and drink on.

Also there are usually ramadan sales on in the shops, this year there seemed to be more sales in Ramadan than there has been for Eid.

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We went this year and you wouldn’t know it’s Ramadan. No curtains on open restaurants. Eating freely by the pool.

We lived there for 5 years in early 2010’s and the difference is amazing as it used to be strict.

Weather is great then too. Just before it gets too hot.

Just have it in the back of your mind to respect it.

Post by Lucy »

Not the case in Dubai from our experience. The only thing we found is all the restaurants at the malls have black curtains covering them up and you feel like you are sneaking into a prohibition club!

Also you aren't allowed to walk around the malls drinking (even water!).

We did get refused alcohol at a hotel restaurant one night before 8pm which was odd as we had been drinking at the bar earlier! Only happened once though so might have just been that waiter.

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We’ve just come back from Dubai. Would recommend going during Ramadan as even in school hols it’s a lot quieter. We did forget one day and ate frozen yogurt in the mall but the security guard politely reminded us and we found a designated eating area.

Dress code was no different either. Enjoy!!

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Even when they are open for take away only, still don't drink outside... Definitely made that mistake. McDonald's was open, I wanted a cold drink, went in for a coke and wasn't allowed to drink it inside so obviously just walked outside to drink it.

Ended up hiding down an alley way drinking my McDonald's coke.

Great place to visit!

Post by Sabina »

Just don’t eat or drink out in public places might be the same for beaches too. Kids are fine though. But yes, all open as normal, it’s not like before where they used to shut x
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