How are the lines at London Heathrow!?

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How are the lines at London Heathrow!? Flying in on the 26th of Aug and out the 10th of September…

Post by Rachel »

From all accounts, bring your patience and try not to have a checked bag.

Post by Margie »

When we were there at the end of July, we arrived 3 hours ahead of time. However it took almost 3 hours to get through security. We also had other issues with security on our plane, which resulted in more delays. However, we were safe and got home that day. If I were to redo it, I’d arrive 4 hours early.

Post by Connie »

I flew home from Heathrow yesterday. Arrived a little over two hours before a 2:25 flight. No issues, though make sure you factor in time getting to the airport as it took us a full hour from Regent’s Park area. Checkin was easy and passport control smooth as well. Two interesting things: American Airlines asked me if I had an AirTag and wanted me to remove it because it has a lithium battery. This is incorrect (as far as I have seen) and my family with a different agent did not get asked the same question. Also, we flew into ORD and it was a nightmare. The wait had to be three hours for passport control. If you are wavering about Global Entry, think again.

Post by Martin »

When my girlfriend and I were returning to the USA at the end of June, the line for security at Terminal 2 was massive and extended outside the terminal. We did make it though security in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. They thoroughly screen electronic devices like iPads. We were carry on and had no additional problems. This was in stark contrast to my visits in 2018 and 2019 where the security line was minimal and I was able to exit security in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

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Flew to and from LHR 2 weeks ago. Passed security in 20 mins, got my checked bag right away no issues. I was flying early morning and late evening.

Post by Tiffany »

We just flew out of Heathrow 3 weeks ago. The security line was really long, but they keep it moving. We got there 3 hours ahead of time, as recommended. Checked our bags/passport check with Virgin Atlantic (went quickly) and were able to grab a quick meal before boarding without being rushed. I would guess that departing mid September would be a little better since we traveled during the summer peak season. But I wouldn’t recommend arriving less that 3 hours before your departure.

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Just flew through LHR, took about 1 hour to go through the security. I echo others- do not check your bags in. I'd rather buy all the toiletries at the destination than be without clothes for x+ days.

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LHR T2 check-in was a nightmare a month ago. Even the business class check-in line was an hour deep. Security was pretty quick though.

T2 arrivals/customs was fine, no big lines.
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