Huge Caterpillar in Tesco strawberries

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I bought a punnet of strawberries from Tesco this week and when I went to open them, found a huge fat caterpillar sat on top of the biggest strawberry!

My twin daughters wanted to keep it so placed the strawberries in their butterfly house (no one has touched the caterpillar) and are hoping he will chrysalis soon.

They have named him Aubrey Strawberry and check on him all the time.

Has anyone else been mad enough to do this and what was the outcome?

Also does anyone know what species it might be?

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Be wary of releasing him. Check he’s safe to be in our country 1st. X

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Just to say,
It’s good if you find a bug in your food, it shows it hasn’t been oversprayed with shite. Bugs should be in food, it’s natural.
Just rinse and look at stuff.

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I’m not sure anyone has ever even thought about doing this. Most people would jump on here and tag the shop , tag this tag that and try and get as many negative comments as possible. :lol: :lol: this is a wonderful post. But I’m waiting for someone to call the rspca drama queens everywhere. I hope it turns into the most beautiful thing ever for your babies.

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I opened my fridge door a few months back and there was 2 cabbage white butterflies sitting on the shelf staring at me!! They had I worked out come from a lettuce I had bought from a farm shop and made a cocoon in the corners of the fridge! I had no idea!


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We found a caterpillar and put it in the kids butterfly house, only to find it had been infected by parasitic wasps and about a week later it exploded as they ate their way out.

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Just nope :!: love spiders , snakes and any other creatures , but butterflies :oops: they make my teeth on edge . Think I’m a bit weird
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