I've seen a dishwasher cleaning hack..

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.. putting bicarbonate of soda in bottom of dishwasher and white vinegar in a cup and running a cycle has anyone tried this?


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I do this a lot, I’ve never smelt vinegar after? Nor do I smell it when I clean the washing machine with it. A small cup/bowl is enough x

Post by Steph »

I’ve used soda crystals but not bicarb. I have put vinegar in my washing machine, but it always takes a couple of washes for the smell to go, not sure I’d want that in my dishwasher!

Post by Lee »

vinegar is a great way to clean a dishwasher and washing machines..... but each machine should be done in different ways..... dishwasher poor vinegar in a cup and put it on the top shelf and select a hot wash.... as for the washing machine there's two ways one pour some bicarb in yo the drum then pour the vinegar in and let it sit for ten mins with the door and draw closed then after 10 mins run a hot cycle... other way poor a cup of soda crystals in the drum select cotton turn the temp to max then when the glass is hot then pour a cup of vinegar in to the draw.... do any of thease you can take later.
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