Supporting my son with his GCSE revision

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Is there such thing as somewhere (a website?) you can complete past papers and submit online (or postal?) and someone can mark them?

If not, any teachers on here, you should definitely create this!

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You can print off past papers and answer sheets I did it a few years ago for my maths gcse. You just mark it yourself.

Post by Heather »

You can put in the exam board e.g. aqa and print off the past papers abd the mark schemes for free.

Post by Nicola »

Save my exams is great for all subjects. You can download the answers plus examiners comments.

Post by Kate »

For maths look at Maths genie. It's free and there is an examiner who takes you through the past paper by video, answering the questions one by one so you can mark your own and learn where you went wrong.

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In all honesty the best way to improve your score is for your son to self mark from the mark scheme you can print off with the papers. You get to see exactly how marks are allocated and what examiners need to see to award marks.

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There's a few teachers that offer this now for various subjects. We do for English AQA Language and Literature if you're interested. We're XL Premier Education Limited. Otherwise, there's loads of websites for free revision. Good luck to him! Db

Post by Rebecca »

If you use ChatGDP or bing chat it gives you examples of any type of calculation. You just have to ask the right question. So you use past papers from school
And ask the question then ask for more examples and it will give you loads!!
I used it yesterday for some reinsurance calculations

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All past papers and the answers are available from the exam board websites so you can just mark them yourselves.

Physicsmathstutor is a good website that has loads of past papers all in one place for lots of subjects which makes it a bit easier. Most subjects are pretty easy to mark yourself - the only hard one is English as there are not specific answers but instead they go up through grades dependent on various factors - looking at the mark scheme can give you an idea of what they are looking for and if your young person is on the right track but marking to an exact result would be tough!
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