Child breathing hard

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Doctor please, He can breath oo but you know how it feels when you breath with catarh in your nose the sound of it ,but he can breath and he plays too... I just want to know what I can use for him or I should let him be!

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If you can't see any mucus blocking the nostrils or flowing out then the child does not have catarrh.

Some babies breathing may appear noisy but there is nothing wrong with the airway. Just that the airway is still very soft and pliable & not rigid like that of adults. But if you are still worried you can see a doctor.

If it is catarrh the mucus should be visible. You can use saline nasal drops to see if it can dislodge any mucus but if it doesn't then you should go back to see a doctor to examine and know the cause of noisy breathing.
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