When should I be concerned about green poop in my 22weeks old?

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Good Morning doc, Please my 22weeks old son have been stooling for 3 days now and the poop is greenish with lots of mucus (7 to 8 times daily) been giving him ors. he takes sma gold just once a day and breast milk all through the day.. but haven’t given him sma for 2 days now.

Bw 3.5.
Weight at 5 months 7.1kg.

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For the mucus stool, it could be caused by food intake, medication or infection. You should ensure good hygiene around your baby, regular handwashing. Wash and if possible sterilize feeding utensils and toys if any.

some forms of diarrhoea can also cause greenish stool so make sure you practice utmost hygiene around the baby by regular handwashing, keeping feeding utensils clean.
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