Is it normal for a 7 month old to shake his head while watching videos or looking at something?

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Good morning, My baby will be 7months months on 15th of this months, and he shakes his head while watching videos or looking at something. His neck is not one sided or flips to the back, he can control it anyhow he wants, is just the slight shaking of head,I have monitored him for a while now and it gives me much concern.

He was exclusively breastfed till 6months.

Birth weight 3.5kg

Current birth weight unknown

I gave birth through vagina delivery.

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Kindly share a video of the head shaking here, so we will know if it is something to worry about or not.

Note that TV is not advisable for infants and not more than 2 hours a day for toddlers and older children. Encourage more interaction with other people and physical activities.

Parents should avoid sitting baby, infants and toddlers with the Television. They will do better development wise interacting with you than the set. The TV set is not responsive so the child does not get back and forth interaction essential for learning.

It is discouraged in babies under 1year.
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