My concern is the boy is still running temperature. It's flunctuating between 38+ to 37+

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Good morning doctors. My Three months old son of weight 7kg started running temperature yesterday afternoon . I gave him pcm, the temperature didn't go down

Went to the hospital and by the time I got there, temperature has increased so he was given pcm injection.

We did MP and FBC tests

MP was negative but WBC was 14000 so the doctor prescribed cefuroxime 1ml bd, artemulum 1ml bd, ibuprofen 1ml tds and multi vite 1ml tds.

I told the doctor I'm not comfortable with the ibuprofen as I've read that it shouldn't be administered to infants below 6 months so she replaced the ibuprofen with pcm

Now, my concern is the boy is still running temperature. It's flunctuating between 38+ to 37+

What would you advice I do please.

I've been using towel and cold water to clean his body

Even had to pour cold water on his head because the head is so hot.

Please help

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For paracetamol syrup,

120mg = 5ml i.e in every 5ml there's 120mg of pcm. A child needs about 10 to 15mg per kg body weight.

First, multiply baby's weight by 15.

Baby's weight = 7kg

7*15 = 105mg

120mg = 5ml

105mg = x ml

x ml =

105mg * 5ml / 120mg

x = 4.375ml so you give approx 4.5ml

For paracetamol drops it's 100mg per ml. So, you give your child 1.05ml of the paracetamol drops.

Kindly follow the dosage given by your doctor for the drugs prescribed. Ensure you give the child the drugs as at when due.

If child does not get better after completing the drugs or gets worse, please take child back for follow up evaluation and management.

For the paracetamol to work effectively, you have to give it according to the weight of your child.

How much paracetamol are you giving?
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