I have noticed some changes in my baby

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I have noticed some changes in my baby

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Good morning doctors, Please, I have noticed some changes in my baby. I was expressing to fed her before and then she eat so well, she can take 80-90ml per fed. But now she sucks directly and she doesn't suck for long and she has refused any other method of feeding aside sucking directly. Whenever I carry her, she doesn't weigh as before and not as chubby as before too.

What do I do?

She is still on exclusive breast feeding.


Last weight checked at 4wks 3 days is 4kg.

She is 2month and 1wk corrected age.

Thank YOU.

Re: I have noticed some changes in my baby

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Hello ma'am, your baby is doing fine, keep on breastfeeding on demand.

Finally, your baby's weight is okay.

Babies double their birth weight at 6 months some babies gain a little more while others gain less. Your baby is doing fine. Read more on ideal weight from the attached.
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