Why does my baby's whole body shake when sleeping?

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Good morning doctors, Thanks for your teaching an really learning a lot as a first time mom.

Something happened to my baby which really got me scared his whole body vibrated whiles asleep with the head going back but when you touch he was very soft and not stiff. He didn't wake up or cry too. Am very worried. It happened So fast that I couldn't record it.

BW 3.5
7 month 8.7

Thank you doctors waiting for your response.

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Some shaking can be normal especially if you can stop it by holding the child's leg while shaking and if it happens more during sleep.

Otherwise some may be a form of convulsion especially if the leg is stiff and you cannot stop it.

But it is easier to decide which it is if seen. So you should try and do a video recording and show a Paediatrician to be sure which it is.
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