I’ve suggested day trips (with my mom) to Brugge and Liverpool

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Hey guys, I’ve extensively traveled Europe, but going with my mom (her first time) on Christmas Day. She wants to see London, Paris and Milan. I’ve suggested day trips to Brugge and Liverpool.

Trying to figure out the most efficient route. Thinking about flying into London for four days, then four days in Paris, train to Milan (another four days stay) and back to London for the night before flying home to the states. Does this seem feasible?

Trying to have ‘home bases’ where we can do day trips out of — but also don’t want the trip to fly by with consistently moving around.


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Not sure how y'all are getting between London and Paris, but when we did that we opted for the train since both airports seem like a pain to get into the city

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To travel from London to Paris, take the Eurostar train. You will arrive at Gare du Nord. When I did this, the line of people waiting for taxis was very long. Fortunately, I know Paris pretty well and walked the few blocks to Gare de l’Est, another major train station. No trouble getting a taxi there!

Check to see if there’s a high speed train to Milan. BTW, I’d been told that Milan wasn’t all that spectacular, so I went there with no particular expectations, and found I really enjoyed it.

Re day trips: I don’t really think you have enough time to enjoy them. Liverpool if you’re a Beatles fan. From Paris, you could visit Versailles as sort of a half-day trip.

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Sounds very doable, but you may want to fly to Milan as I imagine it's a long train ride from Paris. If it's her first time, you may not even need day trips in London and Paris as there's so much to do in each of those cities. And in my opinion, Liverpool isn't all that exciting and brugge is a bit far for a day trip.

IMHO Milan is kind of boring. There's the Duomo and the Last Supper painting and that's it. You can day trip from there to Lake Como and the Italian Lakes, but not sure Dec is an ideal time for that. Instead, I'd look at visiting somewhere closer to Paris with Christmas markets. That's a pretty quintessential European experience!

You'll need to check that the Christmas markets are still on after Christmas though, as it sounds like you'll be there just after. But for example, the ones in Prague stay open into January, so there are options.

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Looks like a decent route, I would choose Florence over Milan. Why not fly out of Milan instead of returning to London?

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Fly into London, use a Eurail Pass to travel to the other cities, and fly back from Milan since it's at least a 10-hour train trip between Milan and London including 2 different train stations in Paris.
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