My PCV was 21 percent

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My PCV was 21 percent

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Please doctors. 3 weeks ago my PCV was 21 percent which I was prescribed blood tonic and using some other things to boost my blood too like Ugwu and milk. But I went to antenatal today my PCV is still 21 despite all I've used and I'm 27 weeks gone they asked me to come for blood transfusion 2 pants but honestly no money please what other things can I do please the blood is too low?

Re: My PCV was 21 percent

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You should be having this conversation with your doctors.

They may want to consider blood transfusion if you are not HBSS.

This is not a no money issue... This is your life issue. If you need to borrow or ask friends and family for help, please do. It is your life and that of the baby on the line here.

You are saying no money as if there is an option. Please plan pregnancy and know it cost money. Don't get pregnant if you cannot afford the expenses.
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