Are they just symptoms which will stop with time?

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Are they just symptoms which will stop with time?

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Good afternoon. Want to ask this thing I feel.

Let me start from the beginning

I am a breastfeeding mother of a 10 months old baby .I delivered via induction due to BP which came in when I was 35  weeks pregnant . I was put on bp meds and I was booked for induction at 37weeks exactly .

After four days of delivery we were admitted the baby was discovered to have jaundice .we were in the hospital for about 8days .in these 8days in the hospital my BP started rising even when I was on bp meds .I never use to sleep I was so worried about my little one.we got discharged I continued taking bp meds and I was told to do bp profile of which I did and I went with it on the day of my review.

I was then told to stop taking the bp meds .

Two months postpartum I began to feel dizzy ,heart palpitations ,my legs would pain , neck tightness coming down to my shoulders, headache at the back of my head, at times I use to have panic mood with a racing mind.and feeling restless

I went to the clinic was told to do a full blood count which I was told it was ok with hb 15.2 .I was told to do ECG, Harpetitis B, and thyroid of which I was put on methimazole and vitamin D3 for a month .

After that dizziness reduced and all those reduced . Though I feel them only at times ...

But in some days I usually experience all those .Are they just symptoms which will stop with time? I really miss my old me I mean before the pregnancy .NB most of the time my BP is normal only goes high on the first day of my periods or the last day of it.

Re: Are they just symptoms which will stop with time?

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You should direct these questions ideally to your doctors managing you.

They need to explain to you what they think is wrong, the diagnosis and what to expect.

I'm suspecting they worried about your thyroid hormones being high but really it is their job to explain to you what is going on and what to expect.

The way you feel has nothing to do with your blood pressure.
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