If I want to sleep, my heart keeps beating so fast that I just can't sleep

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Good evening doctors. My post may be lengthy. please pardon me. I lost my mom last year March. some weeks after her demise. I began to experience heart palpitations,  tingling in my arms,feet, sometimes they feel as heart beats in my tummy,  back of the leg, my head. all parts of the body. I also start experiencing sleep problems. if I want to sleep,  my heart keeps beating so fast that I just can't sleep. my blood pressure reads 132/ 82 most times. it stopped for a while but its back again. I've gone to the hospital but they gave me pills for anxiety and to calm the fast heart beat and to help me sleep but the anxiety pills messes up my mood. I feel sad at times which made me stop.

I don't want to do pills anymore. what can I do? I want to add that I get scared that I may die like my mom. she suddenly complained of something happening in her head and collapsed and that was it. I feel so many sensations in my head. could these be psychological? Please help me. am 25yrs old with a son.

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If this has been done and are all normal, you will need bereavement counselling & assessment by a Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

In the interim, I would advise you against NOT taking your prescribed medication on your own. Go back to your doctor & discuss your concerns.

Sincere condolences about your Mom.

It sounds like the hospital staff think you are having Anxiety attacks or panic attacks.

It is advisable that you have tests to check for medical conditions which can cause a fast heartbeat FIRST (for example, an overactive thyroid) before anxiety is declared a diagnosis.
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