If a 2 bedroom unit was empty from furniture how long would it take to do 2 ceiling coats and 2 coats on wall etc?

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semi professional


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I had two guys paint my entire place in a day. They were able to start in one room and work their way through and by the time they were ready for the next coat the first room was dry. I guys it depends on the weather and how skilled they are

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Depends. I've just spent over a week just on the prep on one room! Depends on the state of the walls and ceiling and woodwork.

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Prepping the space takes time. Once it's done, 2 days max depending on Weather.

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I spent 2 days from 6am to 10pm (me and one other) doing two bedrooms. Didn't finish the skirting board or the doors in that time. 2 coats on the roof, walls and architraves.

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