Thoughts on painting the original fireplaces?

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I have these beautiful ornate fireplaces in stained brown wood, however they do seem very dark in the small spaces.

Thoughts on painting it white?


Post by Caroline »

Strip and stain light timber

Post by Rebecca »

I love the white. The shape and integrity of the piece is still there, you’ve just brought it into 2023.

Post by Grace »

I think it would be heartbreaking to paint them white. That original timber is absolutely beautiful and adds a sense of contrast and drama. I don't think everything needs to look light and bright. I'd be painting the walls they're on in a deep rich colour to make it tie in more Harmoniously.

Post by Violet »

I think white is stunning. It’s completely up to you. Everyone’s preference is different.

Post by Nicole »

Your fireplace, if you want to paint it go for it, white will look great.
It can always be stripped back later if dark wood ever comes back in vogue.

Post by Bethany »

Do it!! Brightens the space up so much. It still looks beautiful, the carvings are what makes them special & unique. I think they would look great any colour x

Post by Carrie »

I think I have the exact same surround and have been thinking about painting it white for the same reasons you mentioned - yes the timber is lovely, but if your room is on the small side it can feel quite dominating.

The only reason I haven’t painted mine yet is because it looks tricky and I didn’t want to botch it.

Post by Jann »

Hi Lia, The white paint provides a modern contemporary look. Once you paint it it will be an awful lot of work to restore to original condition.

Would be such a shame to loose the original detail.

Try Black Japan wood stain first. Then from your picture to right bring in the square slate front to the fire place,

Post by Gail »

I think they look beautiful with wood or painted white - lots of people paint them so even though I would go with wood myself I can understand being overpowering in a small space.

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