Any suggestions on how to get stains off stone bench tops

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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get stains off stone bench tops…

Jo ~

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I have ceasarstone amd was told by the owner of the company to only ever use a very small amount of jiff. So thats all i have ever used and it works perfectly with all types of stains.

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Bar keepers friend and a bit of a water / vinegar detergent solution spray sprinkle leave scrub with a cloth and repeat .

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Gumption works well.

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Glitz stone bench top cleaner… $6.95 from Bunnings… smells beautiful and does the job on my white tops… particularly tea stains.

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Does anyone have quantum quartz Michelangelo Quartz and Alpine white? I'm using these in my kitchen/pantry/bathroom and am starting to worry about how much they will stain/mark

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Whatever you use, just leave it on for a few minutes, let the chemicals do the work

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Bicarbonate soda mixed with water to a paste, leave on and wipe off if still there scrub a little with the paste

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Cream cleanser

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I have Caesarstone Aterra Blanca and used acetone on paper towel to remove any stain. I saw the stonemason use it but he said to rinse with soapy water after for safety reasons, specially if you have kids at home.

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