My first time staying in hostels

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My first time staying in hostels

Post by Guest »

Hi!! I’m going interrailing in the spring and it will be my first time staying in hostels! Sounds silly but I wanted to ask about hostel etiquette.

Do people speak a lot in dorm rooms or mind their own business? Can I set an alarm? Are there lots of language barriers? Does anyone play music? Are the kitchens often busy? What’s the age range like?

If any experienced hostel-goers could help that would be great.

Re: My first time staying in hostels

Post by Joey »

Great questions! I have worked in multiple hostels and stayed in them all over the world and each one is going to be a bit different... 1) majority of the ones I've stayed in people don't spend much time in the rooms unless their sleeping... most have a common area or kitchen where people are always hanging out and talking. If people are working, have headphones in, or sleeping they probably don't want to spark up a conversation...

but for the most part, people go to hostels to socialize and meet people 2) 100% ok to set an alarm but just try to turn it off quickly and try to be quiet if others are sleeping. 3) 95% of the people I met in hostels spoke enough English to communicate effectively. Some of my best friends I met though were people who barely spoke english (& I barely spoke spanish)...

we helped each other and laughed at our mistakes. 4) Play music as in guitar and sing? or through a speaker? Either way, yes to both...

you will be able to tell the vibe right when you get there. 5) Kitchens are usually busiest around breakfast and dinner but I've never had an issue of it being too busy 6) I have had roommates 18- 65+ years old.. majority being 22-30 I would say but this also depends on the style of hostel... hope this helps! you're going to love it and have a blast!

Re: My first time staying in hostels

Post by Andrea »

Usually hostel-goers mind are kind to each other. You can set all the alarms you want because it's necessary and they're usually polite (they don't play music out loud is there's someone else in the room, they don't invade your spaces and so on). But ofc, you can be unlucky and find that roomate who's unpolite or knows nothing about civilisation, but it's a question of luck. But I suggest you to challenge the unluckiness: hostels are cool and you can meet loads of interesting ppl! It'll be worth the effort!

Re: My first time staying in hostels

Post by Lorena »

Use HostelWorld for sure to see reviews especially if you want a social place or a quieter place it’ll help you know.
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