Gloss v Matt on kitchen cupboards!

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Hi, what’s everyone’s thoughts on gloss v matt on kitchen cupboards?

Post by Christine »

I love gloss but Matt is so much easier to keep clean. Gloss shows every mark and fingerprint

Post by Wendy »

We have laminated gloss and love it, at times it's hard to keep clean with greasy finger prints.

Post by Angela »

Definitely matt. I've had kitchens in two pac in both gloss and matt and both lovely, but for a Hamptons style home I think matt all the way.

Post by Nicole »

We went about 60% gloss two pack. It’s SO EASY to clean! Because it’s smooth, there are no little texture dimples for dirt, oil or grime to build up in. It doesn’t really mark as easy as you’d think. I just use a microfibre and warm soapy (morning fresh dishwashing detergent) or Koh with a light wipe over to clean. No streaks. No hard yakka cleaning. Easy!!!!!

Post by Val »

I have a two pack finish which is high gloss. It's a breeze to clean. I have no problems with smudge marks after cleaning them at all. To me it looks nicer than a matt finish on cabinets.

Post by Deep »

We have 30% gloss… just to clean easily

Post by Samantha »

Gloss looks good but only be cleaned with micro fibres and water as smudge marks from chemicals never go away.

Post by Tanya »

I have had gloss for 23 years it still looks new and current . Have to say mine does not show smudgy marks like others are saying .

Post by Bev »

I aent satin, invetween.. But as bad as natt on dark colours for showing marks.. But i prefer it over matt.

Post by Danielle »

I have black matte. They're beautiful. But they show the marks if you splash water down them. Then I really need to wipe them over

Post by Tracy »

Matt every time. Our last house had high gloss grey cabinetry in the kitchen and both bathrooms. I’m scarred for life. We have just finished building and everything is Matt. So much easier to live with and you don’t constantly see hand prints. No cleaning really.

Post by Odette »

Gloss 100% had it 23 years still looks good and doesn’t date. Matt would personally drive me crazy with finger prints.

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