What Colour carpet is best for bedrooms?

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Help! I’m stuck on carpet!

My heart wants the light coloured loop pile, but after reading some posts on here recently, I’m worried I’ll regret it and the loops will get pulls etc.

The carpet will only be in the bedrooms.

*Both samples look a bit darker in the photo compared to what they really are.

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IMAGE: Image

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I have the one on the left and love it 😊 Super comfy and modern. No pulls so far in 2 yrs with small children but we only have it in bedrooms. In our play room we have a big rug like the style on the right.

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If u have pets definitely don't go the one on the left I was advised and makes carpet shampooing so much harder.

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We had same dilemma. Cat / kids.
Went good quality plush - no regrets.

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I have the left with a thicker underlay and it’s really lovely! I have only had it for 6 months, but there have been no pulls and it’s really easy to clean.

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We did a similar loop in our 4 bedrooms , looks fabulous and everyone comments on it BUT .... Never again a nitemare to vacuum particularly if bindies or small bits get in it basically on your hands and knees to hand pick them out, also parts have pulled up curtosy of a 16 month old puppy who found them fun to chew on.

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We currently have loop pile carpet and it is so hard to clean stains out of! You can’t get in and ‘scrub’ it properly so we are looking to replace ours now!

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I’ve been in the carpet journey as well, Same as you I have had a dilemma as you choosing.

I absolutely love the one on the left but was not practical as I have 2 cats & they will certainly think it’s a scratching pole 😆, my hubby & older kids love the plush pile ( right one ) so I went to display homes and decided on a low plush in a dark grey.

But you need to buy good quality carpet not the budget range.

Good luck :arrow:

Have you thought about going a little darker?

Melanie \

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I would go loop, wears better, no foot prints ect

I have a good quality loop, have no pulls and love it

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Hate the one on the right. Can’t walk anywhere without there being track marks. It wears so quickly as well, I’ve had it in a few houses and would never touch it again.

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I have similar to the one on the right and I can't wait to get rid of it.

It has been 6 years though since it was put in, up until last year it was pretty good but my youngest has destroyed it but it was starting to look dull, especially in the high traffic areas

I would definitely go it the one on your left. Always trust your gut

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I just have visions of animal hair and bits getting into all the crevices with the loop one. I love carpets but they drove me insaine you need to spend a big amount of money to get quality that will last. My husbands a tiler I’m seriously considering getting wood look plank tiles and putting big rug down in the bedrooms.

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We went for a very similar carpet to the one on the right for our first home. Bedrooms only. It was lovely and felt great but I did notice it looked a bit flat in high traffic areas, such as doorways. We lived there for about 18 months.

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I think the left one will be much harder wearing. I have one very similar to the right one in my bedroom and after 1.5 years in a low traffic area, its starting to look a little flat in areas. I'd hate to think what it would look like in a high traffic area

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I have the carpet on the right but a darker grey and we regret it. After 9 months of living in the new house it already had track marks where we constantly walk. Like our en-suite or babies room etc. I wish we chose something cheaper and not for comfort because this already looks worn down and like it needs replacing

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Your floorboards are gorgeous, I would continue the floorboards into the bedrooms and then get extra large rugs in the colour of the carpet samples.

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If you really want the loop get a rug made out of it to put in another area .. I like both but would choose the one on the right to keep it neutral … your choice though you have to be happy .. miss you :idea:

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