Please share any pics or advice on pressed tin or shutters in kitchens!

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Good evening everyone!

I need help with 2 aspects of my kitchen! Firstly, I am struggling to choose a pressed tin design for my backsplash. Hubby thinks it should be simple so that it is easier to clean, however I figure any are easier to clean than tiles.

Secondly, I am getting plantation shutters throughout, however the supplier stated that they wouldn’t get them in the kitchen, as they would impede my view. I have a large window in the kitchen above a farmhouse sink.

Please share any pics or advice on pressed tin or shutters in kitchens! At this stage of the build my brain is mush with trying to make decisions!

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I have the same pressed metal in my kitchen and laundry. No grout lines to get dirty is the best thing ever.


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Shutters are always a yes, in any situation.

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I had shutters installed in my kitchen. I use to have wood Venetians and the Venetians blocked out a lot more than the shutters do- I just open them so they are completely horizontal. This space gets full morning sun so I needed something that could block that sunlight in the morning too.


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If you want shutters in your kitchen then get them tell the suppliers to butt out

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Shutters night view. Controlled Cool in summer


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