Traveling to San Francisco with my partner next week and trying to decide where to stay

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.. Is it practical to stay near the airport and then travel into the city for sites, visit the Pier and Alcatraz, travel to Sausalito all by public transportation? Or it’s best to stay near Union Square. Hotel prices are favorable near the airport.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Post by Linda »

Don't stay at the airport, it's not that close to the SF you want to visit.
The traffic is terrible and parking in the City is next to impossible.
Stay somewhere where you can walk to most everything or use public transportation.

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No do not stay at the airport very inconvenient and there is traffic. Stay in the city, you can walk, or Uber, public transportation. Look on website for desls.

Post by Brian »

I don't think it's practical to stay near the airport - that's a 25 minute drive in.

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Airport has fairly easy transit in, but takes a while and can get a little pricey. My favorite stays have been The Omni for a nicer spot, and Parker Guest House for an amazing bnb with a very SF feel. Both are in city and easy access to sites

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I was just in SF last week. We stayed in the Marina area at the Marina Motel which we loved! Old, charming, family owned, relatively inexpensive and you get a garage for your car. We had a little rental car and found driving and parking to be surprisingly easy everywhere we went in the city. Also, the hills are crazy and fun to drive on if you like that sort of thing. The weather was mostly rainy so we chose to drive instead of using public transportation, but there were many options for muni buses etc near our hotel. Everything is fairly close together in SF - I don’t think we spent more than 15 mins driving anywhere. The only area I thought might be unsafe was near the Civic Center, where we saw some large crowds. We also went across the bridges to the East Bay and Marin which was fun. It’s an amazing city!

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No, stay either near Union Square or Fisherman's Wharf... you can find something nice but reasonable priced.

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Though it’s been many years, I stayed at the hotel Abri

a number of times. It’s very close to the BART that brings you in from the airport and is right in the Union Square area very close to where the trolley turns around. Market and Powell if I recall correctly. it’s a very small nice hotel with a lovely staff. It was, at the time, very reasonable. You might wanna look into it.
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