Yoast or rank math and why please?

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Someone told me: Rankmath is best because its Dom Size is very small in compares to Yoast which effect your site speed and load time.

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It's not really going to matter a whole lot for most of us. I use Rankmath. There was a time when Yoast would have bugs, and I got tired of it. I switched to Rankmath eventually, and never looked back.

I haven't heard of a Yoast bug/glitch in a very long time so I think those days are behind them, but RM has free things that Yoast charges for so I see no reason to switch back.

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Yoast. Used RM and had a question, clearly outlining I’d searched their FAQ, but the response was to check their FAQ. So frustrating, I deleted their plugin and went back to Yoast. Just felt unsupported.

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RankMath has more free features that Yoast makes you pay for. It also plays nice with DIVI.

But RankMath does take up more server space (marginally). But if you're wanting to build the most lean website and require an SEO plugin, then I'd go with Yoast. That's what we use.

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Neither is going to make any difference in ranking. They're only tools to use like a checklist. You still have to know what to do and how to do it.

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Neither. Yoast is a resource hog and rank math is a bloated mess. And the pricing for rank math is not 59 for unlimited sites. If you are doing client work, it's 200 bucks a year. SEO press is by far the best bang for the buck.
Mu Case

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I m using Yoast for like 7 years and for a blogger, it makes my way to become a SEO executive. yoast has higher potential for better CMS. But at the end, both depends on you. And their uses are not very big in difference, totally depends on you how you need these tools to move forward.
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