Is there any tools where, we can identify the existing site SILO or keyword cluster?

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.. I got one of my competitor sites, have 5000+ post and working with the same strategy, however, I'm not able to find, how he/she is working, It's ok to do hard work, and I will do it, but can anyone here to let me know the same?

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You can pull all their ranking keywords from a tool like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest, then upload into Keyword Cupid. It will sort the keywords into big, small, and single clusters for you. Then export and write.

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Existing would be to just go page by page looking through the keywords they rank for on that page.

Predictive or best practice would be to use keyword cupid. Be aware that with keyword cupid you have to know how to use it and it isn't that simple. If you do something based on a competitor and it has a specific cluster that cluster will only include the keywords you gave it - it doesn't add the keywords that would be good to include but weren't in the list you added.

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Ahrefs. It’s worth the money IMHO.
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