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Hi all, I read somewhere (cant recall honestly, but I think it was here), that even keywords that show up very low search volumes in SEO tools are able to actually generate a lot of clicks - and there was some strategy around this - can someone point me to some resources where I can learn more about this?

My niche is professional services (accounting, tax, legal, hr).

Thank you.

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Depends on what you are trying to do with it. I have a little side hustle (WooCommerce plugin) that ranks #2 for a keyword with 20 searches month. Brings me about 20-40 people a month in total traffic. Doesn't seem amazing right? But my conversion rate is often 50% cause I'm the only person who makes this plugin and I sell it for $79. So +$1500/m off a 20 volume keyword is a win for me.

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In niche markets I write for, 250 searches is a lot! That’s where KD scores can help. I include the good KD keywords (and variants) in human-written, genuinely interesting and helpful articles to get more bites at multiple cherries, so to speak.

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I use tools like the free Ubersuggest app to do keyword research and find low volume, low competition phrases that you can rank for quickly while you are climbing the ranks for the more competitive phrases.
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