I’ve been asked to do a colour consultation for a large project (sporting complex)

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Hey guys, I asked this question before (but didn’t get any helpful answers unfortunately), so I thought I’d try again 😅

I’ve been asked to do a colour consultation for a large project (sporting complex), and I have zero clue what to charge for it. Does anyone have any ways of quoting or a set fee for something like this?

I’m based in Australia if that makes any difference.


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Would probably take me a couple hours as I have set colours I know that work in north, south, east and west facing rooms etc.

Figure out location if house where the sun sets and get some photos of each room to see the light and from then it would only take a couple hours.

As it’s a ‘consultation’ my hourly fee for this triples from my design hourly fee, so I would probably charge 2hrs at my consultation rate and that will be it.

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Maybe just charge hourly. Sit down & figure out what’s involved & how long each task will take you for what you’re providing then tally it up. Track how long it actually takes you once you start so you know for next time - hope this helps

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If you have a price for a home color consultation, just multiply the amount based on sq.m. or number of rooms. Good luck!

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