How can Google know if a content is written by an amateur writer or an expert writer?

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How can Google know if a content is written by an amateur writer or an expert writer? I am thinking if I should invest more articles written by an amature writer to give chance to rank for more keywords or should I invest in less good quality articles but Google may not rank articles and I maybe spending money without getting ranked.

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I think it's more about the depth and additional insights that can only be shared by someone who has been in the trenches, not just rewriting what's already out there.

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In terms of “expert writers” you should do a search for the writers name and are of expertise. Google will know by crawling pages if someone is considered an expert in the real world. Trouble is an expert writer will cost a stack more than your average freelance writer.

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I had a website where an expert and a newbie wrote different articles... The articles written by the later got us more traffic... So I personally believes it is the quality of the content

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AI can compare articles written by known copywriters and journalist with unknown bloggers, and see the difference.

However the most important thing for Google is the content itself. Does it contain actual (and factual) content and do people actually read it.

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Google knows by how long people stay on a page and if they go back to search results and choose another option from the serp. So if they bounce and pick a different result is an indicator that the visitor did not find the content useful. Hence likely not expert writing. Write for people not search results and you’ll be better off in the long run.

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Hey there,

Google doesn’t know if content is written my an expert writer unless you associate a person as an entity with the article, also known as an author.

Google is looking for very specific algorithms and math floors to be met that they believe constitutes expert writing of a subject - but fall short rather frequently, especially in certain niches.

More money per article doesn’t guarantee higher ranking and this is what separates SEOs.

Experienced SEOs know what it takes to move the needle, less experienced SEOs do not; and no I can’t unpack all of that in a single comment.

All the best!
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