With this success.. What am I missing?

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Technical SEO question for y'all. I have an article that I published in May. Our main KW has low competition and has a keyword density of 1.1, appearing 25 times throughout the article. All on page SEO is good and we have 5-6 contextual internal/external links.

For some reason, this article jumped from page 5 to page 1 and then back to page 5/6. I can't think of anything different that I've done with this particular article to make Google hate me. All web vitals (speed, GSC, etc) are good. What am I missing?

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That bounce is normal. Expect it 2-3 times and then it will find and hold a position, either going up or down depending on how google interprets ux.

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if your article is good and from a trusted source, then your engagement rate and bounce rate will be good. You can analyze in GA, and make supporting articles on that page to strengthen authority
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