I’m curious about how to rank an e-commerce site that sells clothing!

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Hi. I’m curious about how to rank an e-commerce site that sells clothing. As I know, there are several areas to be improved for all websites in terms of SEO.

Technical SEO is undoubtedly important, especially for large e-commerce stores. So this will be a big part.

On-page SEO will include headings, meta descriptions, product descriptions, etc. As I see, this is not as big as technical SEO.

What I’m not sure about is the content part and link-building. Usually, we write content in the blog around certain pillars and clusters and then build links to them to rank the site. But how do we do this for clothing sites? Many big clothing sites don’t even have a blog section, and many backlinks point to their homepage, some pointing to the category pages. But they are successful in terms of organic traffic.

How do they work with their content and link building? I’m appreciated to know your thoughts.

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For clothing all depends Upon Demand and Keyword Research..Mostly You have to work on There category pages and try to rank them . Do Proper keyword research and Target high Volume keywords.

Moreover Website speed also Matters a lot.

For Backlinks You should hire outreach Person Who can Bring Backlinks+ traffic by providing quality Guest posts that will usually help Your business

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On page content is important for e-commerce as well. You want to optimize each PDP with reviews, images, description, and title & h1.

Think of each page as a blog article for potential search. Instead of writing the article that you want someone to read, you’re optimizing your page for that one piece of clothing someone is looking for

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Trying to compare your company with the giant in the industry might not help if you're just starting out.

For every niche, there's always a closest competitor at every stage either new or old. Take a look at 2-3 close competitor in your niche, use paid softwares to carry out complete SEO Audit of their website.

Focus on what they're doing right so you identify what you're doing wrong.

There's nothing you want to achieve with SEO that someone is not yet achieving the same results. What you need is to Reverse Engineer their Success and work towards doing it better than them.

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Many big clothing sites are big brands which people are looking for and Google rates them based on visibility and searchability. So they rank higher then the mom and pop store. Of you want to compete with them you'll have to spend money and time sending traffic to those pages either by social media, link building and/or advertising.

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  • Optimize category pages and product pages.
  • Run ads.
  • Find do-follow links, link it with your description pages and category pages.
  • It's all about search intent. Your competition is with different e commerce stores not against any blog. (Blog will not rank against any transactional intent based search).
  • Run compaign with influencer they will sky rocket your sale and traffic.

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Just think about keywords your audience might search in Google while trying to make a buying decision on your topic

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I would think clothing would be pretty easy to generate content for. Fashion trends, how to guides, best “xxxx” for this occasion, etc.
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