What's the best URL structure for city pages in 2022?

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What's the best URL structure for city pages in 2022?
  • a. city/service.
  • b. service/city.
  • c. city-service.
  • d. service-city.
  • e. any of the above is equally fine.

Post by Cole »

I’ve seen quite a few competitors use (c)

Post by John »

I think as long as you do a great job on the location page, any can work. I've done them almost all ways and really haven't been let down.

Post by Ravi »

URL structure hardly matter if you added quality content. Additionally it depends on the category you define for your service. If location is one of your category then obviously put location 1st else adding location in the end is also not an bad practice. I suggest checking some your competitors structure and then take the decision.

Post by Chris »

If the websites primary subject is the service itself (eg if it's about plumbers), then (b).

Otherwise, (a).

Post by Chevez »

Service-city-date the dash is what google bots can read better.
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