Google helpful content update.. What do you guys think?

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After Google Helpful Content Update.. What do you guys think?

Post by Tasadduq »

AI Content going to die?

Post by Travis »

Good. AI content is garbage. A website should provide helpful and engaging content.

Post by Stefan »

Hopefully they kill the hundreds of AI websites that have taken the SERPS hostage

Post by Caseyhannah »

I don’t see anything about AI content in this. It is an update to make sure people are writing content that provides value, instead of content written to satisfy crawlers. Please keep in mind google is one of the biggest players on the forefront of A.I. technology. Them denouncing A.I. content would be like being an automobile maker denouncing gasoline. Content whether A.I. or human has potential to be garbage. Focus on writing good content whether with help of a.I. or 100% human and you will have no problem.

Post by Meri »

Cancel your AI subscriptions. It was just a matter of time before Google caught up with it. But also I think they already have quietly included it in the algorithm for awhile now.

Post by Elvis »

Isn't that what google has been working on since decades, so why this now? 😒

Does it mean most content we read were for search engines? 🤔

Post by Muhammad »

Come on guys they are after spammy and toxic content whether it is produced by some human or AI. You can brush up any AI written content to make more useful

Post by Tawfek »

I think content with just %10 human moderation could pass their update with no problem

Post by Ravi »

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. a AI written content with manual vetting + some rewriting will be very hard to they all look similar to what a human will write. How will they tackle different writing styles. For e.g. a native writer vs a foreign writer vs someone trained in copywriting.

Post by Shawn »

Hate to say it, but they may try and go after tools for SEO and also stop the pure just spammy crap. They already are going after agencies it seems with Ads with new performance max crap. Decent AI is least of the issues when lorem ipsum can still rank 😂🤣 the greatest issue is reducing data on servers. So they will prune the bad stuff best they can. Thats really their root problem. You can see it as they try to expand data warehouses and look for extended water sources to cool the centers.
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