My site spam score is 70%

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Hi, My site spam score is 70%. Anybody have solution to reduced it,

I already Disavowed spammy links.

Anybody can help.

I am looking forward to hearing from you guys.


Post by Jason »

Probably has to do with content as well. Rewrite everything. White hat link build. Reindex. And hope you get that cleared up. Or start new with clean, well written content.

Post by Ravi »

70% is huge score, seems like you need a balance with your content optimization as well as link building effort. You need to monitor your each and every backlinks very carefully. Try below:
  • Monitor the backlinks very closely and probably twice in a month.
  • Check GSC for manual & security issue.
  • Check if your website has been copied.
  • Check the quality (spam score) of external links added in your website.
  • Have words with hosting provider if there is no any issue with hosting side because sometime due to security glitches an additional sub-domain or directory added with your main URL which has spam contents.
  • Create quality content optimized with keyword and search intent.
  • You may loose your traffic and authority a bit but you have to sactify something to get something.

Post by Paras »

Get backlinks from non spam website. More backlinks from such sites will reduce the %. Mine was abt 30% about 12 months ago but now it is reduced to 2%. Added tons of good backlinks in this duration.

Post by Mike »

Disavowing links will have zero impact on your spam score. Whatever site you are using to look at the spam score doesn't have access to what you have or have not disavowed.

Spam scores are just something made up anyhow. I would ignore it and move on.

By the way, disavowing links was probably a mistake. You should never disavow links unless you have been hit by a manual penalty or have really, really, really strong evidence you were hit by an algorithmic link penalty.

Post by Abdul »

Spam score increase for 2 major reasons.

1st: Backlinks which have high spam score.

2nd: Downtime of your website may increase spam score.

Moz updates spam score every quarter means 4 times in a year.

1st: Get your website's link removed from those websites which are showing spam score. And submit them to tracking lists under Moz. Moz will track those links and when it shows that links are broken or your link is removed on them. Then it will decrease spam score or your website.

Disavowing those backlinks in Google won't reduce spam score in Moz.

2nd: Increase authority backlinks with DoFollow attribute to increase the authority and trust in Moz.

3rd: Use good quality website, websites which have good backlinks and have high downtime can cause Moz to increase spam score.
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