Product Review Update.. or not?

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Hello SEO Experts,

I am in a great dilemma, I request all experts to help me identify this issue.

My website [PM me] suddenly lost all of the organic searches,( probably from June month). In the month of February, the website had around 11k searches but slowly it started decreasing and now almost nill searches.

Can anyone check and let me know what has caused this?

I will be really grateful to you all.

Note: I am assuming it is because of "product review update" as mine is also a product review website, but not sure..

Post by Laurent »

looks many of your backlinks are coming from the YouTube channel Pets Guide so I will look there first

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Could be due to Google's "May core update"

Have you seen any concerning errors in search console?

Have you done any major changes on the site (redirections, cdn, etc)
La ~

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Without a manual audit of your website any answer given is just a guess.

May had a core update which could have affected your site or it could be something else.

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Did you Disavow the bad backlinks?

Post by Sadat »

I have 2 questions for you;
  • What kind of backlinks does the website has? Have you purchased any backlinks In the past?
  • What tool do you use to Optimize your content?

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AI content?
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