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I'm resurrecting a site for a client who let his domain name drop.

Someone else bought the domain, but I'm hoping to be able to repurpose the content and build out a new site on a new domain from an old Wordpress backup, phoenix from the ashes style.

My question is regarding WP comments. There are a lot of keyword rich comments - I don't really want to use them on the new site, but I think would be a shame to delete them all completely.

So I'm thinking maybe I could include them in the page source, but not display on the actual site.

Do you think this would be regarded spammy or keyword stuffing? Should I try to re-establish the comments on the new site?

Any opinions welcome. Thanks 🙏🏻

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The search engines would consider this cloaking, with a significant likelihood it would be penalised as manipulative. Really not worth the risk.
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