Do you find yourself getting emotional while writing?

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FORUM, Do you find yourself getting emotional while writing, you either crying or laughing at something that you’re writing?

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Not at the time because I wasn't concious to the fact that when I wrote a scene where my MC is alone, absorbing the news that his sibling has died, I was in fact writing about myself. On reading it months later when editing I did become emotional.

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Surely poems stem from emotions and then both laughing and crying are normal.

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If you as a writer don't get emotional about your work, then it's highly unlikely that a reader will...

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I wrote the death of my main charater. He was shot thorugh the head. He fell dead on the boat. Those around him knew he was dead. I buried him. I am the WORST writer ever. I killed my beloved character because I'm evil. No, actually, because he had to go. 😭. But, yes, I am one evil Point Of Sale (read into it)

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All the time. I'm currently bawling my eyes out for my poor little MC, whose boyfriend got killed, so he got hooked on drugs trying to passively kill himself. He's so broken right now, I'm feeling a the feels for him

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There are scenes that I cry about as I write it, and the ones I chuckle at and then the ones I have a sinister moment like the guy Snidley Whishlap. Some will know the name of the cartoon character.
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