the difference between "there" and "their"?

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I have been a proofreader for sometime now but is there another proofreader in our group who have discovered that spell checkers of word processors do not differentiate between "there" and "their"?

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I use Pro Writing Aid. Spellcheckers are usually rubbish in a word program. They are looking for misspelled words, not the ones spelled correctly or the ones that sound the same, but are spelled differently. Use your own ability to spot errors. It's safer.

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Well someone should know the difference

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a spell check should accept both, they are both spelled correctly. A grammar check will accept one and reject the other dependent on context. A proofreader should know that.

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Spellcheckers look for wirds spelled wrogly.

Grammarcheckers luke four words yoused wrongly.

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The thing is, most of us on here use all sorts of spell checks, grammar apps, self editing, etc. We are writers, not professional copy or proof editors. Once we sent our manuscript to the above professionals, we would expect them to know the difference between ‘their’, ‘they’re’ and ‘there’ without the use of any app.

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They never did... That's your job! look at each word as you read and make sure it's spelled properly and the grammar is okay, LOL!!! That's what "proofreading" means. The writers use spell check as they write and a grammar checker, you're the live person who's job is to be the first person who reads it for feedback before it goes out.
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