I am struggling for ideas for a title of a book

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Posting here for help because Google has proven useless.
I am struggling for ideas for a title of a book I am going to be writing about a woman with undiagnosed split personality disorder. It's not medical focused though, it's more along the lines of the movie Split but not as dark. The book will centre around a young woman with undiagnosed split personality disorder, and she moves in with her boyfriend into a new house which then creates another alter ego within her. The woman is sweet, loving, caring and a good person, while the alter ego is badder, she's rough and can be rather psychotic at times, and because the disorder is undiagnosed, her boyfriend gets confused and scared as he starts to experience her alter ego more than the woman he's always known.

I hope that makes sense. The idea isn't fully developed yet so some things could change. But I'm lost for a title.

Thanks in Advance 😀

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Sometimes I have a ‘working title’ until I have written a substantial part of the story.

The title is important, however don’t get hung up on it, just write. It will come to you.

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Who Am I Today? Or..... Me, Myself and I

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write it and then look inside for a title. I have a working title when I start a book but the final title appears as I write.

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Write on, a good title will emerge as the story develops.

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Probably as you write and finish your book the title will make it self known. But with the information you’ve given here’s a stab: knock knock who’s there?

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The title of my first two books came to me, almost on completion but my third book that I have recently started,the title came with the writing of the first chapter, so don't worry, it will come to you

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If not yet started the book, or it is still WIP, don't get bogged down with a title, certainly don't be wasting writing time googling.

Your focus should be on the thousands of words in your manuscript, not the couple on the front cover.

Usually, the title will come to you as you write

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A Simple suggestion. Don't fret about the title. Go with a draft title while you write. You sound as if you have much of the outline in place, let the title, which may hold the key to sales, flow out of the completed manuscript. That is how I title articles.

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If you haven't written the book yet, don't worry about the title. You don't need a title to start writing. Just name it something you can relate to in the book so you can find that document later when you want to open it.

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I would just start writing, sometime the title comes at you from something you wrote in the story. Maybe a line or a moment, I've changed titles before after I've started writing and realized something worked better.

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If you haven't even started writing yet, you're jumping the gun by looking for a title first. The title is often the last thing to come.

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Firstly I’d just say it’s called “ Dissociative Identity Disorder” not Split Personality.

Secondly please, please do in-depth research with people who actually have DID if you plan to write about it as a lot of the stereotypes are harmful to those who have DID.

The movie Split did unredeemable societal damage to those who have DID.

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I would echo what Panda said. Please research and be careful not to add to the negative stereotypes. It is really damaging.

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Forget the title as it’s irrelevant. Write the book. Then title it.

If you write well there will be some phrase that jumps out at you from the story.

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....titling a book before you write it is a cart before the horse move....since you haven't written the book, there is much you do not yet know about it...you will find that in the writing much will be revealed that you have not yet considered...the writing will surprise you...and it will reveal a title in the process...

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Sounds like my ex who was very sweet and caring but had psychotic episodes when she repeatedly called me a scumbag Nazi Jew and many other colorful things. I could not take the uncertainty of who she would be from hour to hour.

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Switch. Two for the price of one. A lifetime of changing. For better or worse. Hi honey, who are you today? Sweet and sour. Duality reality. Splitsville. I'd try for something that personifies the humanity, struggle of knowingness, maybe with a twist of positive humor.

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Not trying to be snarky but you really can't refer to this illness as split personality. It is so much more and imo you need to do research ; it doesn't matter if you are writing fiction or not. The correct term is Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

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As everyone has suggested title is irrelevant. I usually add a title in begining but believe me 100 out of 100 times i always change it in editing phase.
For starter add any title:
  • The surreal girlfriend
  • Truth about her
  • The real she
  • The dilemma of she and her
  • Finding her
  • Is it her?
  • Who is she?
  • Who are you?
  • Do i know her?
You will change it once you finish it as it's the norm.

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