Why is the desire of humans for fiction so great?

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Why is there a desperate need to create another virtual world in a fictional one?

Why is the desire of humans for fiction so great?

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It is a great question. It arose in me as a teenager. I wanted to be by myself and discover ideas that were not presented, around me, in the real world. So I began reading fiction prolifically. I escaped from the world in those books. And I felt feelings in myself that seemed new.

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Storytelling is one of the things that define us as human.

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Honestly, for most of us, reality sucks.

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It all started with a dream...

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I think there are as many reasons as there are stories. That would be seven, then.

Top of the list is probably escapism.

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I think it’s because God gave us the ability to create. Just as much as needed to be able to create things to live in this world (shelter as an example) we also have the ability to wonder what would happen if this thing I just conjured up in my imagination were true. It makes life interesting!

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The act of imagination as a natural byproduct of the functions of human brain. Like eating and sexual reproduction imagination is a rewarded with pleasure because it is a reflex which allows the individual and the species to survive. Since the imagination is linked with pleasure, it crosses circuit with a pleasure taken from constructing something so World building is a kind of ecstasy
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