What food can I be taking to add on weight?

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Hi all, My Q: What food can I be taking to add on weight?

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Eat, sleep, eat, sleep... You will thank me later

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Take parfait, sharwamar, pizza ,burger n condensed tea, that's if u have peace of mind.

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If you don't have peace of mind,no matter What you eat,you won't add

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Pap/custard with enough milk, then sleep afterwards.

Tiger nut juice every night immediately before bed.

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Don't skip meals, have your breakfast, rest and maybe have some snacks, then take lunch, rest, buy fruits (banana, avocado and nuts) take dinner and keep some snacks close by for later. Get proper rest and give yourself 1 week or 2. You'll see good difference.

To boost your appetite, just buy CypriGold or Appetamin or feed fine. This will help. Shun whey protein powder, that's too expensive.

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Drink 2 or 3 bottle of Pepsi everyday, u will thank me later

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This life no balance.. I want to loose weight while my dear poster wants to add weight. Just be eating in-between meals , just dey chop anything anytime

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Dear poster forget about over feeding yourself. The fastest and easiest way to gain weight is to avoid worries, have relaxed mind always and be happy. You can just be eating the normal food you eat before. Booom you will come back here singing praises cos people wey Know you before go dey ask whether you travel outside Naija

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Free your mind from worries and don't bother about the problems you can't solve. Eat healthy and rest when you are supposed to. Is not all about food

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Take super appetite tab to boost your appetite first. Then eat everything available in the house. I just did that for my child that came back from school this holiday. The result is great

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It's not about food, rest of mind, peace within and without, then see result

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My dear, this same question lead me to hepatitis, please love your weight, if you are still single be happy,when you start having children you will see fat run.

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Eat late at night from 10 pm then sleep immediately.. fastest way to gain weight

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Some people are looking for way to reduce weight,some want to add... this life no balance!

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peace of mind, settlement in all areas, enough sleep and rest

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Tom brown... It works naturally, helps you sleep well too. Order yours today.

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Soy bean will give you result within 3days of consumption. Not just any soy bean, there's a specially formulated soybean for weight gain. Money back if you don't see visible result within 3days of consumption. Ur taste buds will thank you later. Ask me how you can get it.

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  • Have soy beans, always put it in your tea or pap with milk n drink.
  • Eat indomie and tea with egg
  • Drink Pepsi and bread
  • Also take good blood capsules or syrup
  • Do exercises and rest from unnecessary stress
  • Then you will gain weight

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Sweetheart, nothing just have peace of mind and eat healthy food, even if you don't add weight your body will glow to show that you are not hungry. There is nothing I didn't try when I was is school to add weight it didn't come at all, egovin, raw egg and pap, giant ovaltine, milk, ciproheptadine etc. They call me small letter I but now I am loving my stature, not fat, not slim. Relax your mind and eat good food shikenaaa
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